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Read what our Perth four-wheel drive course attendees have to say.

See what some of our four-wheel drive training course participants from Perth – Western Australia, had to say about senior four-wheel drive instructor-trainer Glynn Williams and the many different available 4WD courses that Western Wilderness 4WD & Survival Training has to offer.

August 10, 2022
Thank you Glynn and Teresa this course is amazing. It was very educational, fun and informative. We learnt to have confidence in our vehicles capabilities with the new knowledge that we gained on the day from Glynn. We highly recommend this course to anyone who drives off-road. Thank you Teresa for your efficiency in organising this course and Glynn for making a fantastic day.
Ken and Debra
July 31, 2022
Thank you for providing such an important service. This course exceeded my expectations. I was surprised with how much we learnt, and how much our confidence has grown as a result. We know how to be adventurous and stay safe! Also thank you Glynn for being so generous with your vast knowledge. This was the best Christmas present for my son and husband! There were four of us in two cars. We all learnt a lot and had a fun day. This was great preparation for my son and his girlfriend as they head off around Australia.
July 17, 2022
One of the most enjoyable and informative courses I have had the pleasure of attending in a very long time and a great way to spend your Sunday (or any other day for that matter)! The knowledge gained from this Bush and Sand course will go a long way to ensuring the safety of my 17 year old son (who attended the course with me) during his future 4x4 endeavours. Glynn’s enthusiasm, detailed explanations, technical knowledge of 4x4 driving coupled with his vast and varied experience make this a course a must for all 4x4 owners.
Burns Beach
July 8, 2022
I recommended this course to a friend the next day. Everyone who wants to get the most out of their 4wd would benefit massively from it. The booking process was smooth and easy, and cost was very reasonable. Glynn is so knowledgeable and has years of experience and interesting anecdotes to bring up throughout the day. He makes the course fun and helps you develop the confidence to see how far you can push yourself and your vehicle. I feel much more prepared to take my car off road now, and can't wait to easily crawl up sand dunes to the dismay of onlookers!
July 5, 2022
That was the most wonderful day! We learned as much as we laughed at all the stories! It was just perfect. Glyn is the funniest and most thorough and competent instructor I have ever had the pleasure to spend the day with.
Thank you for the experience... My son and I simply HAVE to do the recovery is irresistible!
July 4, 2022
Just wanted to say a massive thank you to Glynn for an excellent day out.
Never knew our car was so capable!
The information was superb and so was he. Could listen to him for hours!
Had great fun and learned a lot.
June 30, 2022
What a day we had! We had been recommended Glynn’s course by a good friend and it lived up to all our expectations. The small class size ( max of 4 cars ) was essential which meant that we had loads of time to watch , learn , do , feedback and repeat. Glynn is a wealth of knowledge and his experience at adventure off roading is clear to see on the day. Felt totally confident doing what he told me to do and now feel confident in having a crack doing it myself. Highly recommended course for anyone interested. Thanks for a great day Glynn and Teresa!
June 30, 2022
What a day we had! We had been recommended Glynn’s course by a good friend and it lived up to all our expectations. The small class size ( max of 4 cars ) was essential which meant that we had loads of time to watch , learn , do , feedback and repeat. Glynn is a wealth of knowledge and his experience at adventure off roading is clear to see on the day. Felt totally confident doing what he told me to do and now feel confident in having a crack doing it myself. Highly recommended course for anyone interested. Thanks for a great day Glynn and Teresa
June 15, 2022
When we signed up for the Bush and Sand Course, we expected to learn how to drive in sand, how to recover a bogged vehicle and some of the tips and techniques for negotiating a technical bush track.

What we didn't expect, was to learn all of these things and so much more, and to be entertained by Glynn the whole day long. His subject knowledge is phenomenal, and his military background means he is clear, precise and above all, safe with his instructions. He has some amazing "war stories" and anecdotes to share (as well as some groan-inducing dad jokes!)

Beforehand, it was difficult to see how the day could stretch out over 10 hours long, but there really was so much to cover, learn and practice.

We now feel very confident that the skills and knowledge we've been equipped with means that we can truly explore the capabilities of our vehicle as we set off on our adventures.
Brian and Sharna
June 9, 2022
Glynn and Teresa run a first-class operation! We had an awesome day on our second course with Glynn and feel lucky to have had the opportunity to learn from someone with his experience and vast knowledge. Would not hesitate to recommend Western Wilderness to anyone with a sense of adventure, and a willingness to 'give it a go' with the support and guidance from a recovery expert without peer.
Mosman Park
May 23, 2022
We would like to thank you for the valuable knowledge you shared with us, delivered with such passion. We left feeling confident that we will be able to use our vehicle properly for the situation presented while protecting ourselves and our vehicle. It was such an enjoyable day while learning and Glynn gives merit to the saying: if you love what you do you won’t work a day in your life.
We look forward to seeing you again and highly recommend this course all 4x4’ers, new and experienced.
Lucinde and Cornelius
May 19, 2022
" Thank you to Glynn and Teresa for a great experience on the half day sand course. After jumping back into a 4wd after an almost 7 year absence, it was a really beneficial experience to learn from someone so experienced and knowledgeable in how to drive and use your vehicle safely in an offroad environment.
The ability to "test" different gears/tyre pressures, speeds etc without having to worry about what you are going to do if you get stuck, was priceless to be able to understand how my vehicle performs in the sand. I will be back for a full day sand and bush course soon."
Mt Hawthorn
May 5, 2022
Glynn is the best instructor that either of us have encountered. We thoroughly enjoyed our day on the Bush and Sand course with Glynn and the other participants, and learned a lot, first from Glynn's explanations of the vehicle controls, and then from Glynn's demonstrating and talking us all through the different terrain and obstacles that we encountered. By the end of the day we had gained valuable knowledge of and confidence in the capabilities of our vehicle and valuable experience in assessing and safely tackling obstacles. The small number of vehicles and regular driver changes made for a good learning experience for all. We sat down together afterwards to list the useful things we had learned in the day, and it is a long list! The course is excellent value, highly recommended.
Jim and Di
May 2, 2022
The course was amazing. We learnt so much and we both came away so much more informed than previously. And Glynn is an incredible teacher. He made it enjoyable, safe and instructive. It was a pleasure to spend the day with him.
Hamilton Hill
April 30, 2022
The sand 4wd course was brilliant, great fun and very informative. I learned a lot about what my car is capable of. The instructor Glynn was fantastic, very knowledgeable and was happy to go the extra mile and explain all about my car and how my equipment works. Glynn also spent extra time with me after the course explaining what gear was best and how I could best equip my car for further adventures. One of the best courses I've completed, and I'll be coming back for the recovery course soon. Thanks guys!
April 26, 2022
The Western Wilderness 4WD bush and sand course was absolutely brilliant. I learnt so much and the way Glynn taught me about my car and its abilities and helped me to gain confidence on rough tracks and soft sand was awesome. The day well and truly exceeded my expectations and I feel very prepared and confident to go off road now.

It truly was a great day!
April 23, 2022
Glynn is clearly an expert in off-road driving and was great at imparting his knowledge to us individually as well as to the group. We were particularly impressed with the way he was careful to explain the capabilities and limitations of each persons’ vehicle and how to set them up to get the most out of them. We certainly got a lot out of the course.
Abi and Steve
April 13, 2022
Thank you so much for a great day out and learning how to operate my Amarok. I felt so comfortable driving my car in the sand, adjusting my tyre pressure to suit that people thought I was experienced . It was funny to watch the guys (and women) drive past and do a double take when they saw me behind the wheel sailing through soft sand! In all seriousness, thank you for teaching me and giving me confidence to use my vehicle. I cannot wait to get some recovery gear on my car, get bogged and learn how to help myself on your Recovery Course. I’ve been recommending this course to anyone and everyone that wants to learn 4WDing, it’s an investment
Safety Bay
April 8, 2022
A massive thank you to Glynn & Teresa for the fantastic 4WD course we took part in recently. At no time were we concerned about the welfare of our car.
The course is very well thought out & organised & you can see that Glynn enjoys it heaps. I am normally a bit of a Nervous Nelly, but I wasn't nervous at all during the course. Glynn also threw in some Dad jokes when we all parted ways
Tim and Suzzane
Henley Brook
April 2, 2022
Firstly, what a day!! Went into the day quite apprehensive, being a pair of sisters in our 50’s and brand new at 4wding we were a bit nervous. Especially with all the youngens. But Glynn was awesome. We learned so much.
His knowledge and patience were outstanding. Not so sure about the Dad jokes haha
Highly recommend!!
Alyson and Collette
March 15, 2022
It could not have been run in a more professional / instructive / and supportive manner.

I hadn’t really thought of 4WDing as “graceful” before but with Glynn’s approach it certainly was.
March 1, 2022
I just wanted to thank Teresa and Glynn for providing these courses. I have owned 5 x 4wd’s and should have done this training much sooner. I learnt more about my vehicle in the first 30 minutes than I anticipated which alone justified doing the training.

I tried you out on the recommendation of one of my staff members and I couldn’t be happier with the outcome. Great training, very friendly and informative with Glynn’s jokes keeping me on the ball

I wouldn’t hesitate recommending you to anyone seeking 4wd training and we will be back for more in the near future
Canning Vale
February 21, 2022
This is one of the best courses we have ever attended. No PowerPoint, just 10 hours of good practical advice from an expert. Excellent value for money and highly recommended
Paul and Erica
February 10, 2022
Mike Tyson famously said: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth". I suggest we have a similar approach to 4WD: "we are all experienced until we get stuck". With that in mind, I attended the Sand Course with Glynn and spent the day being reminded of how much I didn't know in practice, and specifically of safety during the recovery from getting bogged. An enjoyable day and one that I would repeat with my family so that they could manage the 4WD driving and recovery for when either they are free of parents, or should the parents be injured in the outback or on the beach.
December 13, 2021
Thanks for a really educational day. I did the course as I wanted to know what my Amarok V6 Auto could do and was very surprised at how easily it handled what was thrown at it. It became a running comment through the day that all I had to do was '' press the off road button'. I would recommend this to anyone.
November 29, 2021
Once again! I had a wonderful, value for money day attending the Recovery Course through Western Wilderness 4WD Training. Arranging for a start an hour earlier due to the heat forecast proved to be a very wise idea. The thoughtfulness and preparation in this regard, coordinated by your clear emails; once again confirmed that the professionalism of Teresa and Glynn as a team is second to none.

In the week building up to the Recovery Course my expectations were conservative in view of the tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise Glynn shared with us during the Bush and Sand Course, as I reflected on the previous course content and wondered how he would be able to fill a whole day with additional learnings.

Once again, by 11:00am I already had my money's worth. I drove through very loose sand and challenging terrain and was pleasantly surprised with what my Ranger was capable of and even more so with the increase in confidence within myself.

It was clear to me that the rest of the group, young and old, female and male, felt the same way and had a very fun-filled and educational day.

I admitted to Glynn and the course attendees that I drove my vehicle into and through terrain that I would not have even considered attempting.

The most valuable lesson of the day was that a well thought through approach combined with slow and controlled action will get you through most obstacles...and that the same approach will also get you out of most circumstances as it is inevitable that you are going to get bogged or stuck, " you choose your own adventure."

Many thanks
November 28, 2021
An absolutely fantastic course. Such a great day out.

The course gave me a huge amount of confidence in the vehicle. In fact, I am extremely impressed with the vehicle, and I'll be willing to do far more in it than I first imagined. The course gave me a lot more confidence, and plenty of material to practice. I cannot wait to get out again. I am still a purest to my old Defender. I wouldn't say I was comfortable in the Discovery - but now I know how capable it is, and how easy it is to drive - I am much more confident to go exploring off the beaten track.

Also, a great reflection on bad driving habits I have picked up over the years which I need to 'unlearn'.

Glynn is such a friendly and enthusiastic chap - it's really infectious, and makes the whole day very enjoyable. I cannot believe we were out for 11hrs hours. Loved every minute.
November 19, 2021
The full day course was nothing short of a total new day of such a great 4wd learning experience.
Glynn made us feel so welcoming right from the start at 7.00am in the morning.
I have never met a person who is so enthusiastic about his role as trainer to such a novice group of 4wd “warriors”.
His knowledge of each of our individual motor vehicles and their capacity’s gave us all I think an understanding of his passions and his depth of experience.
His training and methods during the whole day was imparted in such a way that even a participant who has never stepped into the world of 4wd driving felt most comfortable.
I also appreciated Glynn’s love for the bushland and his caring nature of our beautiful flora and fauna in WA.
My memories will last forever.
You can be both assured that the next time that I venture into 4wd driving, the knowledge that I learnt and gained on the day will always be beside me.

Well done guys on such a fantastic business.
November 16, 2021
“ I can confidently recommend Western Wilderness 4WD from start to finish. Teresa’s efficiency with arranging our course and Glyn’s commitment and gentle teaching style through the whole day . I admit I was a little unsure what to expect.
We were two similar vehicles (Explorer Motorhome on a Toyota Hilux ) and a first for Glyn who made sure he respected the unusual dimensions of 3.2 metre height.
Apart from a fun intense learning experience I came away with a whole new knowledge and confidence of my vehicles capabilities and my driving abilities. Along of course with associated limitations which are just as important.
Now I just need to practice....”
November 3, 2021
We completed the bush and sand course and found it to be very informative and entertaining. We learnt so much about what our car is capable of just in the first 30 mins of the course. Glynn explained everything from the 4wd mechanics of our car and what all this buttons/switches meant to how to get out of being bogged. This is a great course for anyone whose is a complete newbie like us to someone wanting a bit of fun and fine- tuning skills. Be is a long day but between the awesome adventure, beautiful scenery and Glynns endless dad jokes it goes quickly.
Damian and Susan
October 28, 2021
I would like to thank Teresa for the email correspondence prior to and post the course with all the relevant information provided and all questions answered in a timely manner. My partner and I would like to thank Glynn for a great day on Saturday it was really useful for both of us. The way Glynn explained the content was not over simplified but not too hard to follow which reflects Glynn's knowledge and teaching ability. Glynn was supportive and encouraging to the less confident driver to have a go and still feel safe. We would recommend this course for anyone wanting a better understanding of four wheel driving and their vehicle
Liza and Tim
October 26, 2021
We absolutely loved the course.
Glynn taught us how our car works and build up our confidence with the vehicle! His extensive experience and knowledge of everything 4WD is extremely impressive. His passion and enthusiasm are super infectious.
We will definitely recommend Western Wilderness 4WD to all of our family and friends.
Marta and Ian
Hamilton Hill
October 18, 2021
Highly recommend the day course sand and track to anyone contemplating going out bush. Our excellent instructor Glynn detailed all aspects of training clearly to our group. Combining valuable 4WD experience with a dash of corny humour made for a memorable day of learning. Much appreciated.
Vic and Tracy
Secret Harbour
October 13, 2021
The bush and sand course was so useful and so informative - I was a first time 4WD driver and Glynn gave such helpful information in a really easy to access way. He was also able to explain things to people who knew a lot more - so a good all- round course, covering all the terrains you’d encounter off road. The course enabled me to confidently drive across the Gibb River Road and take some fairly hairy routes I wouldn’t have otherwise braved.
September 29, 2021
Whether you are an experienced four-wheeler or just planning your first off-road trip, the one day Bush and Sand course is a must!
Glynn was able to clearly explain, and then demonstrate the correct technique for all types of terrain and conditions, which proved just how capable a standard 4x4 can be. I couldn’t have asked for a better 4x4 course.
September 27, 2021
We can highly recommend this 4 wheel drive course with Western Wilderness - we had limited 4WD experience and soon discovered what we had been doing was mostly wrong! Glynn showed us the right way to go about things and gave us the knowledge and confidence to continue our 4WD ventures. Our thanks to Teresa for the excellent coordination – we managed to arrive at the right place on time! Thankyou Glynn for a fun and informative day.”
Paddi & Den
September 26, 2021
I recently attended the Western Wilderness One Day Sand and Bush course. I was a complete 4WD novice, and the training was just the start I needed to understand my vehicle and 4WD techniques. Glynn is a fantastic instructor -- very knowledgeable and experienced, thorough and entertaining. Since attending the course I've had many enjoyable 4WD adventures that I otherwise wouldn't have felt confident in doing. I can highly recommend this course for 4WD beginners.
Aubin Grove
September 20, 2021
We had a great time.
I learnt an enormous amount about my vehicle and how to use it properly in varied conditions.
Glynn also expelled some of the myths around 4x4 driving and endorsed numerous best practice activities for driving and recovery if it does go bad.
However, I think the greatest benefit was having my wife along with so that she knows that I am not just making it up as I go in the future.
August 31, 2021
Would highly recommend Western wilderness 4wd course to anyone who is interested in 4wdriving.
Before the course I would have said I was experienced but from start to finish I was constantly learning tips and hints that I wished I had known earlier.
Also a great environment to learn about the capabilities of a new car or just generally getting to know your car.
Glynn was a great teacher and we thank him for his detailed approach and has inspired us to learn more.
Thanks again!
August 30, 2021
I booked the 4WD Training - Bush and Sand Course on Saturday morning and arrived at the meeting spot with a friend. Although we were a bit early Glynn was waiting for us already.
Although we thought that we had some experience in 4WD on sand and rough terrain, it was clear that a lot of myths were going to be cleared up by the calm, clear and confident manner in which Glynn presented his tremendous knowledge and experience.
By 10:00am I already had my moneys worth and enjoyed the rest of the day learning a lot and growing in confidence about what my vehicle was capable of and how I can enjoy the vehicle so much more if steered and managed in the correct manner.

Glynn will save you money by showing you how to use your vehicle optimally without damaging it and also by not wasting money on unnecessary equipment.
I cannot recommend Western Wilderness 4WD training enough. Teresa and Glynn are a very professional team and the whole process from using the website to book the training right through to the end of the course was a very pleasant experience.
I got my Ranger 9 days before and never felt that I was at the risk of damaging it...
August 30, 2021
“It was an amazing day spent with Glynn, he is very knowledgeable and an amazing instructor.
It is a must do course for 4X4 owners, the course has exceeded our expectation and we gained so much confidence to go off road.
Teresa and Glynn are awesome and we thank them for their time and support and we wish them all the best”
August 30, 2021
We completed the sand and bush course and had a great day. Glynn is a fantastic teacher and nails the balance between theory and practical teaching. Whilst there is structure to the course you are free to ask any questions. Glynn’s military experience shines through and he provides real life examples of where his knowledge has been applied. Thanks to Glynn, my friend and I came away with a lot more confidence in what our vehicles will do (even if it was a Nissan 😊).
August 23, 2021
Wanted to book a 4X4 course for a while. Booked with Western Wilderness, best time ever. Full day. Glynn is a very knowledgeable guy. Explains things in simple terms. Learnt lots. Unfortunately, Glynn also shares some of his Dad jokes as well !!!! LOL 😊
Highly recommend anyone to book a course with these guys.
Looking forward to putting into practice what we learnt yesterday.
August 19, 2021
The course was perfectly structured to provide an all-encompassing practical awareness of off roading activities in an easily understandable and pleasant environment.
August 9, 2021
Our family loved the 4WD sand course (two adults, one 10 year old). We had limited knowledge and wanted to learn what to do, how to recover and ensure we used our car properly. We learnt many essential skills when using our 4WD, Glynn ensured they were specific to our Mitsubishi. He explained each button, paddle and setting in a relatable and clear manner. Tyre pressures were explained, broken down to see and feel the difference, we learnt that no two car or tire styles are the same! Bogged? Not a problem! Glynn turned these events into a learning experience and explained the how’s, why’s and correct methods, including how to recover a bogged vehicle.
We strongly encourage anyone with a 4WD that is looking at going on sand to complete this course – even if you think you know everything as I guarantee you will learn something.
August 2, 2021
I would highly recommend Western Wilderness to anyone. The whole process from booking, finding the location to meet, the course and receiving information afterwards was easy and amazing. The bush and sand course done in one day is fun, informative and with the group being small you get one on one attention and have no fear of being left behind. Glynn is full of knowledge and is very approachable when you have questions or worries. I did the course with my Dad, we loved being able to switch drivers and both have a turn. We learnt so much in one day and our confidence has sky rocketed, learning not just our capabilities but that of my car and how everything works. The day covers so much without rushing us along. This course and Western Wilderness is fabulous, I would highly recommend it to everyone.
July 19, 2021
We learnt a lot! Glynn’s relaxed but informative way of teaching made for an interactive way of learning that was easy and effective
July 18, 2021
Thanks for a great day out. Best we have had for a long time. And we learnt heaps about using a 4x4 too! We were typical “Got the gear, but no idea” newbies before your simple and effective Bush and Sand training. Now we know a bit about 4x4 driving, having fun, and echidnas. Before the course, I had found the car a bit underwhelming. Now that you have shown us what it can do, we love it! Will recommend your courses to anyone, and we will be back to do others.
Nigel & Mariki
July 11, 2021
We are so pleased to have attended this course as it has given us much confidence with 4WD driving and dealing with the various situations we may come across. An enjoyable day filled with fun and things to learn. So pleased that our neighbours has recommended Western Wilderness to us!
The course was a full day course starting at 7am and finishing around 5pm. We thoroughly enjoyed the course especially driving through the long sand trails for most of the morning and also bush trails in the afternoon. Due to the recent rain, it has made the bush trails much more interesting and enjoyable to drive through, gravel and huge puddles too!. We have learned so much from Glynn regarding sand driving, tyre pressures and the technicalities of driving in sand and gravel, with emphasis of maximising comfort and safety for both passengers and drivers. Thank you Glynn!
All in all we definitely recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain confidence and knowledge in 4wd driving. Most importantly, Glynn with his vast experiences and knowledge makes the course so interesting and full of pointers to effective 4wd driving.
Jim & Kathy
East Perth
July 5, 2021
I must admit I was feeling a bit apprehensive before the course but within 5 mins of meeting Glynn he put all of my fears at ease.
Glynn is a natural trainer combining his incredible knowledge and gentle nature and is absolutely hilarious cracking jokes often throughout the day! Surely he does ‘Stand up’ comedy work at night??
The sites for Sand & Bush were really good and how great were the views as we descended down through Chittering! Loved the cows at the end.
I am already highly recommended Western Wilderness 4WD to my friends and work colleagues!
June 29, 2021
We booked as a group and while we had some experience 4wding, my wife in particular gets a little nervous.
Glynn explained everything so well and made everyone so comfortable, that even my nervous wife decided to try driving and amazed herself on what she could do!
Glynn made the day entertaining and was so informative. He is obviously very experienced and the tips and tricks are invaluable to learn.
I would recommend this course even if you consider yourself an experienced 4wd driver.
June 28, 2021
My wife and I had recently purchased a 4WD to take our kids camping through WA. Having no experience in 4WD we decided to enrol on a course. After looking on the internet we came across Western Wilderness 4WD and we really liked the idea of combining sand and bush driving in one day, and we also liked the max 4 cars per course.
On the day we were both a little nervous, but Glynn (instructor) made us feel very relaxed.
First Glynn helped us understand all the buttons on our car before we set out on the tracks. With every changing terrain Glynn came and ensured we had the right settings on our car and the practical experience was fantastic.
We are now hooked on 4WD and can’t wait to start our adventures.
We would highly recommend Western Wilderness 4WD.
June 11, 2021
Glynn’s presentation of the sand driving course was second to none. He has a huge amount of background knowledge that he shares with enthusiasm and a knack to connect with everyone on the course. I would recommend Glynn and Western Wilderness without hesitation. Money very well spent!
June 5, 2021
The 4 wheel drive sand course I recently completed with Glynn Williams was extremely well organised and brilliantly presented.
Most importantly I learnt to use many functions of my 4 wheel drive I had not used before. The knowledge I gained from driving confidently in sand and recovering from sand bogs will be invaluable when I drive off road in the future.
May 27, 2021
Thanks very much to Glynn and Teresa for an excellent and informative day on our Bush and Sand course. From the outset, Teresa was prompt and extremely helpful with all my questions, and very accommodating when it came to negotiating Covid lockdowns. Glynn's wealth of knowledge regarding the 4WDs, the terrain and survival skills in general made for a great day; with just the right amount of action-packed adventure and brilliant anecdotes to keep us laughing. We really learned a lot about our 4WD, and the potential of the car, that we had no prior knowledge of and were able to do so in a challenging but safe environment. Worth noting that my 9YO absolutely loved the day as well, and Glynn showed great patience and compassion whilst including the kids and keeping them safe at the same time - so definitely bring them along! I couldn't recommend this course more and look forward to further experiences with Glynn and Teresa in the future.
May 26, 2021
Just dropping a line to say how much we enjoyed yesterday with Glynn
It was my wife’s first time at doing this kind of driving (as it was for the 3 other cars) and he just makes everything seem so sensible.
It has given her a lot more confidence should she need to tackle any driving should something happen to me if we are out and about.
Mark and Sharon
May 24, 2021
I want to let you know how much we enjoyed the Bush Course on Saturday. We learnt so much more than we could have imagined.
The whole day was such a well planned balance between action, instruction and relaxation. The info was well-pitched for beginners like us - both challenging and interesting.
But courses are only ever as good as the instructor, and you were fantastic. Your patient, easy manner inspired great confidence and trust, which is so important when doing something that is pretty scary for many people.
Terry and James
May 10, 2021
"Fantastic course to understand the basics of sand, bush and gravel driving along with best practices for vehicle recovery. A fun day out tailored to your vehicle and an essential for learning how to get the most out of your 4wd."
East Perth
May 6, 2021
I just wanted to say thanks for our amazing adventure last Saturday. I now feel confident in tackling most challenges that we are likely to encounter on our travels and for that I am truly grateful.
The course was all that I had hoped for and more.
May 6, 2021
Thanks to Glynn for such an informative, thoughtfully presented, and exhilarating day yesterday. I never thought that I would say that I will look forward to driving the 'hard bits' up north, but my husband and sons will now have to wrest me from the driver's seat, all thanks to Glynn. He is an excellent, professional instructor.
May 4, 2021
Thankyou Teresa and Glynn for providing an amazing 4WD experience with copious amounts of knowledge that was presented by Glynn. The course was very enjoyable and eye opening about the capabilities of many vehicles and how to operate a 4x4 in a safe and conservative manner. A very good course and would highly recommend to anyone wanting to learn more about 4WD.
May 4, 2021
Glynn’s knowledge, expertise and good humour made the whole day both informative and fun. I certainly came away knowing a lot more about my vehicle and its capabilities and how to use its potential safely and with confidence off-road.
Many any thanks to you both for a great day.
April 24, 2021
My wife and I recently purchased our first 4wd with the hope of doing some adventures in WA and tried to book into several courses last-minute off-road courses with no luck due to everywhere being booked out. Until we emailed the excellent guys at Western Wilderness. Teresa gladly opened a day so we could attend the sand driving course.
We were greeted by Glynn on arrival and immediately found ourselves having a good laugh and learning about our new car instantly. Glynn is extremely knowledgeable, approachable, informative and has a million tricks up his sleeve (or in his many pockets) to teach you.
Overall, fantastic day out and we will definitely look to western wilderness for any future off road driving courses.
Thanks to all the team.
Chris and Ricci
Mosman Park
April 22, 2021
I went into the 4WD Sand and Bush training course with very little 4WD experience, but armed with a lot of question. Not only were those questions answered, but I learned so much more than I expected.

Glynn has an immense knowledge and passion about his subject matter that he is extremely generous in sharing with all who want to learn, although as expected to be a long day, but Glynn’s humour and life experience stories makes you wish the course was even longer.

Looking forward to my next course!
April 19, 2021
We had a fantastic time on the bush and sand course on the weekend. Glynn’s knowledge, expertise and enthusiasm made the day very worthwhile. He successfully built our confidence in our vehicle and ourselves. This was done in a very reassuring and safe manner, constantly providing challenges that were informative (and a lot of fun).
Glynn has taught us how to safely drive our vehicle so we can explore locations we would usually not attempt. We also learnt a lot about looking after ourselves, our vehicle and the environment.
Both Teresa and Glynn made the whole process very easy and your professional approach is appreciated.
We have already told others about the great day we had and how worthwhile it was.
Thanks again
Tom and Lee-Anne
April 14, 2021
Thank you for such an awesome day. I thoroughly enjoyed my time and learnt a lot.
April 4, 2021
The half day sand course was absolutely fantastic.
From the time of enquires to follow up at the completion of the course , every aspect was highly professional and very welcoming.
Glynn was terrific, very knowledgeable in regards to all things sand driving and had a great knowledge of the vehicles that were on the course on the day. He patiently explained the differences in driving with the pressures in tyres and how to use max tread, also how to maintain revs to climb the heavy sand dunes.
It was a fantastic course and I would highly recommend to anyone to have a go. Dad jokes are not too bad. But honestly Glynn’s experience and the stories he tells made for a safe and friendly day.
March 29, 2021
I investigated many different training courses before settling on Western Wilderness.
The option to be able to swap drives throughout the course was a big sell point as my partner and I both wanted to get hands on with the car so we could get a feel for what our FJ could do. Glynn was amazing, very informative and we will definitely be looking at doing the sand course later this year. Couldn't recommend Western Wilderness enough!!!
March 26, 2021
It was a great day.
Many thanks to Glynn who was full of knowledge and a very friendly chatty guy with heaps of experience in so many things who was very happy to impart his knowledge to those on the course.
I learnt so much about general driving off road and specifically about my own vehicle that I will need a day or two and some further practice to let it all sink in.
Glynn made the day a lot of fun and I’m sure I can speak for the other participants on the course who were all blown away by what their cars could achieve with some knowledge and a little practical application.
Best money I’ve spent on a full day of practical education.
Thanks again
March 17, 2021
Just a quick note to say how impressed I have been with your overall Customer Service and the Excellent standard of training that Glynn delivers.
I am an absolute novice with 4WD and Motor Vehicles in general and I am happy to admit I was somewhat personally concerned before the training.
Glynn made learning easy and has fantastic teaching techniques.
Thank you very much
March 15, 2021
“Teresa and Glynn operate a very professional business. From the booking process through to the hands-on driving course was first class. I came away from the full day course with a lot more knowledge and confidence in what my vehicle can do.
Now looking forward to putting this into practice. Highly recommend Western Wilderness 4WD, thanks again Teresa and Glynn”.
March 15, 2021
"Thanks so much for a FABULOUS intro to four-wheel-driving Glynn. From the theory, to practical, to stories of vast past experience, Glynn was capable, knowledgeable, patient & great for a 'dad' joke. We loved the whole day! The location for sand had hills giving us varied experience. Chittering allowed for a stunning introduction to rocks, bush and gravel and for some challenging hills and terrain. Glynn is an excellent instructor with extensive experience & respect for vehicles and safety. I thoroughly recommend learning to 4WD with Western Wilderness."
West Perth
March 15, 2021
Thank you! The course was excellent. Learned a lot and had so much fun. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will definitely be back for the bush course. Glynn is a great instructor.
March 9, 2021
Thank you so much for such a fab day, we really loved it. Glynn was so knowledgeable and funny - he taught us a lot and helped us put more faith in our car than we had before.
March 6, 2021
I had an awesome day, it had rained the night before which made it all the better. Glynn’s knowledge on 4 W Driving, survival, and equipment is second to none.
He is so easy to approach and makes your feel (there is no such thing as a silly question)
I would not hesitate in referring this course.
February 26, 2021
We just wanted to say a big thank you to Glynn for the 4wd course that we attended on Wednesday. We had an excellent day and learned so much about our car. I would recommend this course to anyone and have already done so to our friends and family.
Martyn & Michaela
February 26, 2021
I recently completed the 10 hr Bush & Sand course and was extremely happy with the course.

The number of vehicles for this course (four) is the perfect class size for learning on this course.

Glynn is a very interesting, friendly and extremely knowledgeable training instructor.

I found the course to be the perfect balance of theory (a small amount) and practical driving in challenging conditions but with the re-assurance that Glynn was there to walk us through the process step by step and rescue us if needed.

I feel more than capable of hitting the bush and sand tracks with confidence now after completing this course, I can't recommend it enough.
February 24, 2021
"Brilliant course. We have had limited experience with 4WD so we expected to learn a lot and gain confidence with sand and gravel driving.
The full day course far exceeded our expectations. Glynn is a patient and entertaining instructor with massive experience and knowledge.
With limited numbers there is plenty of time for individual tuition and practical experience in your own vehicle.
The content of the course is thorough and presented in a completely professional manner.
We consider this instruction to be exceptional value for anyone who is heading off-road.
David and Belinda
East Perth
February 22, 2021
I so enjoyed the course! For the first time felt confident, comfortable and in control off road. Can't wait to get out again!
February 19, 2021
"brilliant brilliant brilliant! This course is an absolute must if you have a 4wd and want to learn how to use it! I can't recommend it enough!"
Watermans Bay
February 4, 2021
The course gave us valuable insights to how our car operated in 4WD, Glynn’s knowledge and experience is so comprehensive in all aspects of 4 WDing, The terrains were challenging yet achievable, we initially chose Western Wilderness 4WD from a recommendation by some friends who did one of the courses, we couldn’t rate the course high enough and will pass this onto anyone who asks us about where we did our 4WD course. Thanks Glynn and Teresa.
January 28, 2021
I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned so much.
Glynn was incredibly knowledgeable and explained everything very well. It was amazing to learn what I could actually do with my vehicle.
I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to become competent at driving on sand.
January 27, 2021
This is the best training course that I’ve ever done. Glynn is very knowledgeable and delivers the material in an informative and relaxed style. He managed to break many off-road myths and we all thoroughly enjoyed the course. I’ve already recommended it to many friends and we’ll be back to do the bush course too!”
January 27, 2021
Glynn did a fantastic job creating a safe environment for everyone to learn and explore their vehicles together. Taking the time to stop and reflect on every learning oppertunity gave us all a good sense of how to think through sticky situations you encounter when off roading. Without a doubt this has made me more confident in my car and with my mates, and I feel I am now able to extract the most performance out of the car in a safe manner.
January 26, 2021
We had a fantastic fun and informative day out on the basic 4x4 driving course in our wee Suzuki Jimny - so much so that we booked onto the next course with this company as soon as we got home. It gave us a lot of confidence in knowing how a 4x4 works and what it is capable of. Glynn is very knowledgable, encouraging and good fun to spend the day with!
Vici and Andy
City Beach
January 13, 2021
Andy and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt so much about 4x4 and our own vehicle. Glynn was an amazing teacher and was so knowledgeable about 4x4 driving.
We highly recommend this course to people who are starting out or need a bit of a confidence boost.
Thank you so much Glynn and Teresa ‘
January 12, 2021
Great day out. Glynn makes you gain confidence quickly in your vehicle and yourself with his easy going personality and knowledge. Myself and my son had a blast for our first time off-roading”.
Thank you again for everything. The process for booking was simple and the lovely emails are also appreciated.
January 7, 2021
We had a fantastic day in the bush and on the sand with Glynn! We had multiple opportunities to swap drivers and the one-on-one feedback via the radios as we drove along was invaluable. We learned a lot about the terrain and our car throughout the day. Glynn certainly has a wonderful way of imparting knowledge with a mixture of relevant and interesting anecdotes, peppered with helpful mnemonics, all mixed with a good dose of humour. Thanks so much Western Wilderness
Sarah and Nathan
South Perth
December 18, 2020
I went into the course with zero off road experience and was a bit nervous but by the end of the course I had confidence off-road. Very helpful course and loads of fun.
I think I’ll be returning in the new year for the half day sand course also.
December 14, 2020
From the moment I paid the Western Wilderness team went above and beyond with their craft. Teresa answered and questions prior to the course, and instructor Glynn was welcoming, easy to get along with and obviously passionate about day ahead from the moment we arrived at the meeting point.
We did the bush and sand course which was evenly split between the day; It was absolutely fantastic! The terrain we covered ranged from easier flats in the pea gravel and sand to overcoming deep mud ruts and steep sand hills all under the guidance and knowledge (years and years and yeeeeeeeeears of knowledge) by Glynn.
There was never a dull moment, everyone was friendly, eager to learn and happy to share a terrible joke over the radio. The interactive nature of the course meant the route and approach was always explained, giving you confidence to cross the obstacles.
We learned so many things from proper use of gear ranges, recovery techniques and how to properly navigate a range of terrain.
Glynn was always happy to answer any questions, impart his wisdom and teach the course in an engaging, passionate and interesting way.
By the end of the day, I felt 100% more prepared, had a much better knowledge of my vehicle, and had gained invaluable experience from the days training.
I would recommend this course to everyone, both beginners starting their 4wd journey and those already with some experience. There’s always something new to learn, and with Glynn’s (questionable wit and) wisdom you will come away with a smile on your face, barrel full of new 4wd knowledge and a greater confidence in your vehicle.
I wouldn't hesitate to do another course with Western Wilderness the experience was worth every penny.
December 11, 2020
We highly recommend the Bush & Sand course run by Western Wilderness. Glynn, who runs the course is very knowledgeable and willing to share his knowledge plus he is also top bloke too! Even if you are a well-seasoned 4X4 user or a newbie like we were, I guarantee you will learn something new on this course as it covers so much. Thanks again to Glynn and Teresa.
December 8, 2020
We had a great time with Glynn learning about what our vehicle is capable of off-road. Having no 4 wheel driving experience before we were a bit nervous about tackling some of the track but with Glynn's guidance we were able to tackle everything that came our way. We've come out with plenty of knowledge and complete confidence that our car can get us through some tough terrain.
We will definitely be looking at booking the sand course in the near future!!
Pablo & Kristy
December 1, 2020
I have had a 4WD for years, but have never been game to venture off-road for fear of getting stuck. I finally decided to get some training, and found Western Wilderness online. I only wish I did this years ago! From the outset Glynn was fantastic, making me feel at ease right from the moment we met. His professionalism and depth of knowledge was obvious from the get go, and combined with his easy going nature, really created the perfect environment for learning.
Glynn told us that if we only learn’t one thing on the day, then that was a good day. Well I am happy to say that I learn’t a whole bunch, and now thanks to him have the confidence to head off-road and test out my new found skills. I highly recommend anybody considering getting some 4WD training give Western Wilderness a call, you most certainly will not be disappointed.
November 28, 2020
The day learning about 4W Driving with Glynn was extremely awesome! I was absolutely in awe of his knowledge and particularly his incredible experience. Glynn is an excellent teacher with great wit, a superb sense of humour and great patience which made the day fun and super enjoyable. He managed to work with all the participants on the course and our various needs and vehicles, answering everyone's questions.
I'd decided to do this 'Sand and Terrain' course to give me confidence with my vehicle for when I take my children along Gibb River next year. I certainly feel way more confident now and able to tackle many new 4wd adventures! Glynn is an inspiration, and I can't wait for my children to meet him next time ;)
Margaret River
November 25, 2020
I couldn’t rate this course highly enough. Glynn is extremely knowledgeable and has a fantastic sense of humor. He was well researched on all the different vehicles that we had. We have come out far more confident in our vehicles and abilities. Top notch Dad Jokes over the radio throughout the day too!
November 25, 2020
I bought this course as a gift for my wife to have fun and get her more confident driving off road. She had a great time and feels much more comfortable on the sand and gravel. I learnt a lot as the backseat driver too!
Mount Claremont
November 15, 2020
Glynn was a great teacher and we felt very safe whilst learning to 4wd whilst under his guidance. We learnt so much about our car and how to control and get the best out of our car. A fun educational day out, would highly recommend.
Bull Creek
November 13, 2020
We took the Basic Introductory 4WD course and learned far more than we expected. Not only was Glynn clearly very experienced and knowledgeable, but also an excellent teacher. Over the course of the day he covered a lot of technical content while keeping it fun and engaging, and got everyone on the course through a lot of different types of terrain with confidence. His preparation was very thorough - he knew the vehicle we were bringing and was able to tailor the content to the specifics of our car and the others on the course. So not only did we learn general offroad driving techniques and skills, but we also learned a lot about *our* vehicle, and how to get the most out of it, more than we had bargained for!
I have already recommended the course to several friends and family, and am looking forward to taking the sand course as soon as I can.
November 10, 2020
The day of 4WD training with Western Wilderness took me from feeling completely unprepared for off-road driving, to feeling excited and confident about my ability to tackle different terrains. The focus on a slow and steady, inherently safe approach was fantastic."
October 29, 2020
Off-road driving is clearly a serious business and that is exactly how Glynn treated it, but this also turned out to be a great, fun day. He has an engaging personality with a good sense of humour that he used well to maintain interest over what is quite a long day.
As absolute newcomers to 4WDing, my wife and I knew we would be foolish not to get some training, and this course was recommended to us by friends who had done it themselves a few months ago. We liked everything about the course, but what particularly struck us was how much on top of his game Glynn is and how easily he gets this knowledge across to course participants. At each stage of the training, he not only explains each required technique, but also clearly and concisely explains why the specific technique works. This proved to be important in practice for resolving a problem when something did not pan out as expected. We were also very impressed that he proves that there is no need for foot-to-the-floor brute force but instead promotes a softly-softly approach, based on a solid understanding of the physics behind what is happening.
We finished the day feeling that we had received great value. Besides believing that we now had the knowledge to begin to safely venture off-road (and return), we also gained confidence in the capabilities of our new 4WD vehicle and in each other’s ability to drive that vehicle.
In summary, a great course with a great instructor, and we had a ball. We highly recommend it to anybody new to off-road 4WDing who wants to get there and back in a safe and environmentally friendly way. Thank you Glynn.
Steve and Pat
October 21, 2020
My wife and I did a full day 4WD course with Glynn from Western Wilderness before we set out on a family camping trip to Karajini. It was the best preparation we could have done.

We recently purchased a Landrover Discovery so the course was fantastic, not only for learning techniques for driving in different terrain (large rocks, gravel, inclines, declines, deep sand), but also to experience the capability of our own car. We came away with a greater knowledge of recovery techniques (do’s and don’ts) and confidence in our own car.

Aside from all the learning, the course was great fun and Glynn was always quick with joke and a story. His experiences in 4WD around the world are awesome. We’ll be signing up for the next level course in the near future.
October 14, 2020
We all really enjoyed our Bush/Sand 4WD course last weekend. Glynn was very entertaining and more importantly we all learned many great tips for our future explorations.
Glynn's knowledge was exceptional and has given us more confidence in our own abilities as well as our vehicle's.
I highly recommend the course to everyone.
Thanks to you and Glynn for a really fun day out.
Mosman Park
October 12, 2020
Glynn was a great instructor, and enabled everyone to appreciate their cars' 4wd capabilities and increase their confidence as drivers.
I was quite nervous/anxious at the beginning of the day, but throughout the day that feeling disappeared and I really enjoyed the experience of driving on both the bush and sand tracks.
I would definitely recommend the course to others, and I may even do another course myself at some point, for more practical experience within the safe learning environment the courses provide!
Thank you again to Glynn, for the day of teaching, his enthusiasm and also patience (even with me being quite a slow learner particularly with using the tyre deflators!)
September 21, 2020
I will be recommending you to all my friends. I had a great day and learnt so much about 4 wheel driving . Glynn did an excellent job and added a bit of humour to go with all the teaching . Very professional and friendly and included everyone in the group at all times. I was surprised at how little I knew about 4 wheel driving . Down the track I will come and do the Recovery course .
Wish you both all the best and will be seeing Glynn again .
September 20, 2020
The course was ABSOLUTELY amazing!
September 15, 2020
My son and I found the course to be incredibly informative and great value for money.
The Presenter, Glynn, was very professional and approachable and we left feeling empowered to do more off road adventures.
We will be back to do more courses in the future.
September 6, 2020
Having attended a day out with a 4wd club in a similar location previously I wasn't sure I would learn too much on the course. I could not have been more wrong.
We hadn't even left the meeting point and I had already learnt more about 4 wheel drives in general and my vehicle in particular!
Glynn is extremely experienced and knowledgeable and is a genuine nice guy. You get the feeling he just loves helping people out
and I always felt full trust in him and his teachings. If you are considering doing a course yourself, without a doubt book Glynn.
Mt Hawthorn
September 1, 2020
'Glynn is highly knowledgeable in his field and fills you with confidence from the minute you meet him. I think you would struggle to find someone with as much experience as Glynn and you can be sure to take away lots from his courses. You can see teaching is not just Glynn’s job it his passion and it shows with how he ensure he meets everyones needs. Look forward to my next course with Glynn.
Myles and Family
Banksia Grove
September 1, 2020
Attended the sand and bush course as a novice 4wd'er with my son in law who is experienced and we both learnt all kinds of things.
The explanations, followed by the practical and then a review of what we did, and why, is a great way to learn.
Glynn is knowledgeable, has heaps of experience and a great story teller.
(Will even admit to repeating one of his dad jokes 🤣)
Seriously, was worth every cent, thank you I feel so much more confident now.
August 29, 2020
It was awesome!!! I thought Glynn was doing a fabulous job of mixing theory and practice. He certainly knew details of each vehicle and how to drive them, as well as using all the features of my own car during the day.
I've been raving about the day to everyone I meet. I'm also looking to use my new skills, and maybe in time another course.
Thanks so much for sharing your expertise on the day.
August 12, 2020
Had an amazing day, full of emotions and learnings !! Definitely made me more confident, and learnt a lot about the car !!
August 6, 2020
It was an amazing experience and Glynn was an absolute gentleman with a wealth of knowledge and experience which was passed in a very relaxed and enjoyable environment.
I will definitely be recommending this course to others and may return with my wife for an enjoyable day out.
August 6, 2020
We had a great day out learning the ins and outs of 4WDriving and about my 4WD specifically. Glynn was a great teacher, and guided us through the terrain, but always encouraged us to really get to know our 4WD and how it felt across different conditions. We drove over more terrain than I was expecting, which was excellent as we built confidence in the car and ourselves driving it!
I would highly recommend the course, as my mate and I really feel we know what the 4WD is doing now and how it's reacting to different driving and modes.
August 2, 2020
Julie and I attended the Western Wilderness 4WD and Recovery course on 2 August 2020. It was a full day and with just 4 vehicles, everyone got maximum exposure to the training. I looked at other courses however most have 6 or more participants which limits the "hand on" training for those involved. This number was well balanced.
Glynn was obviously very experienced in this field and was recommended to me by one of my clients who referred to him as being passionate about his work which became very apparent at an early stage in the course. It was a bit of a shame with the "Dad Jokes" however we passed through that .
This is my second 4WD however I have never realised my vehicles potential particularly in sand and rough terrain and how to approach challenges in a structured manner. We are mature aged and not into the "crash and bash" mentality of some 4WD owners as we would like to enjoy ours for some years yet and at the same time protect our environment. In saying that we would like to enjoy the benefits of going (safely) to places that on-road vehicles cannot .
We have already recommended the course to our family and friends and hope that they take the opportunity to advance their skills in their 4WD. I wish I had attended the course 20 years ago!
July 30, 2020
My partner and I booked this course so that we could get some experience driving on bush and sand tracks prior to our trip to northwest Australia. Our expectations were absolutely blown away. Glynn is a fantastic instructor who is extremely knowledgeable about all things 4wd and wilderness. We started the day with limited knowledge and confidence around 4wding and left feeling absolutely comfortable on dunes and rough bush tracks alike. The knowledge Glynn passed on about how all of the systems within our car work and how to make them work the best in the given situation has enabled us to depart for our holiday with the confidence that we need to assess every situation and whether we are capable. I expressly recommend that anyone planning to do any 4wding undertakes this course with Western Wilderness.

You will be 100% better off for it. It will give you peace of mind, best safety practices, skills, knowledge and the confidence to use them. Even more than that, you will thoroughly enjoy the scenery of the day exploring the wilderness. It is like a wilderness tour and training course rolled into one.
Dee and Andrew
July 20, 2020
If you own a 4WD take this course!!!
I drove into the course extremely inexperienced and scared of 4WDing and drove out experienced and confident.
We had such a great day and learnt a lot.
Thank you so much Glynn
July 19, 2020
We arrived for our Basic 4WD course with Glynn, to find that we were the only car for the day with the others pulling out due to illness. It turned out to be a blessing! Glynn was incredibly welcoming and flexible. After some discussion we decided that we would be better served spending some time on the soft beach type sand, as that was where we were lacking a lot of confidence and trust in our vehicle. We spent the day asking every question we could think of, trying out different scenarios, testing our driving and the car. But mostly we gained confidence! Glynn knew what he was doing and was able to put us in situations that meant we could learn to trust the car's capabilities and our abilities.

The next day we were due to go out beach driving with some friends. During the drive one of our friends ended up in a very sticky situation. Because of the training, experience and newfound trust and confidence we had in both our ability and the car, we were able to get ourselves and our friends out safely. I truly believe without the knowledge and confidence we had gained the day before with Glynn, we would not have been able to safely assist our friends and ensure everyone was able to return home.

We will be forever grateful for the wisdom we gained from Glynn. Thank you so much...and even if you don't see us again... we will be sure to send others your way.
Beth and Martin
South Fremantle
July 15, 2020
We had an amazing day and learned a lot from Glynn. He presented scenarios in a light hearted and educational way and catered to each person's level of experience. We left the day exhausted but excited to put what we have learned into practice. We are so happy that Glynn was recommended to us on a recent camping trip and we would also highly recommend the course to anyone wanting to learn how to get the best out of their vehicle. Glynn was able to cater to the differing vehicles at the course easily. He was very knowledgeable and communicated clearly throughout the entire course.
While a little daunted to go 'solo' we are keen to put what we have learnt into practice and won't hesitate to attend future courses to further educate ourselves on how to make the most of our investment!
Thanks so much
Ange and Eddie
Mount Helena
July 14, 2020
What a great experience we had with Glynn on the Bush and Sand Course! Being complete novices with a 4 x 4, it was fabulous to be taught firstly about all the functions/controls on our vehicle and then putting it into practice on the tracks. Without this course we would not have the confidence to take our car on the terrains we did. Glynn is so knowledgeable and patient and explains things very clearly and is not at all condescending when asked what may be obvious questions to others. He is the Bear Grylls of the 4 x 4!! His enthusiasm is endless and the 10 hour day flew by! We have never had so much fun and learnt so much on any course we have attended. Thanks Glynn you are a legend and if you ever pass the Jeep with bits falling off, pick them up for us!!!
Can’t recommend you highly enough.
Camilla and Harvey
City Beach
July 10, 2020
I took the course having not been off road and felt comfortable from the start. Glynn walked everyone through the theory and then explained how this works for everyone's car specifically. The all-day bush and sand course was a great day and I definitely learnt how to drive in various terrain, how to utilise the abilities of the car and enjoy it. With the sand driving, you learn more than what you read online about dropping the pressures to understand what your looking to achieve and get the perfect level - but also how to best recover.
I will definitely be back to complete the recovery course and I would definitely recommend this course to anyone - its a small cost to learn the good way of doing things
Glynn was a great instructor which made the experience both fun and enjoyable.
Carlisle WA
July 9, 2020
The Bush and Sand Course was great value for money and very informative. We had an excellent day out with Glynn who was incredibly helpful and experienced. All round we began the day knowing next to nothing and left the day feeling fully confident in 4WDing in these terrains, and also in using our gear. Couldn't recommend it enough.
Alex and Jordan
Perth WA
July 3, 2020
The Bush and Sand course was fantastically run and was absolutely worth it! Glynn is incredibly knowledgeable and a great teacher, and I feel both informed and confident after having spent the day driving with him.
Hamersley WA
June 29, 2020
We had a fantastic day putting our 4x4's through their paces. The mix of driving in both bush and sand conditions has given me a lot more confidence to take the car places I wouldn't have considered before. Glynn's knowledge and experience was evident as he took three novices to confident drivers in varying conditions. I'd highly recommend Western Wilderness 4WD to anyone who wants to learn the basics, or hone their off-road skills.
Perth - WA
June 29, 2020
Completed the Bush and Sand Course on the rainiest day of the year with Western Wilderness.
It was awesome!!! Glynn is the most knowledgeable and hardest working Expert Guru of 4wd techniques.
The knowledge and skills learnt on the day were put to good use in the mud and sand, all participants left with large grins on their faces.
I look forward to checking out some more courses with western Wilderness and look forward to a few more dad jokes from Glynn.
Beckenham - WA
June 29, 2020
We both enjoyed the course very much, Glynn was very good and the inclement weather only added to the fun. We learnt a lot and gained real confidence in the car, it was great to do it together so that later on when we are on the road together we have a similar idea of what the car can do and how we should do it.
North Fremantle - WA
June 29, 2020
What an outstanding day of four wheel drive instruction. Glynn is an exceptional teacher and his knowledge of four wheel drive theory, information about every vehicle and the really warm hearted and positive way that he responds to all participants made this bush and sand course quite superb. The three of us attended with very little understanding of four wheel driving and we left with newfound confidence and excitement about the future possibilities of four wheel drive excursions and holidays. If you want to find out more about your vehicle and it and your capabilities, then this course is a must. We now have a real passion for getting out in the bush and sand to experience much more of our amazing country.
Thank you so much, Glynn, we will be returning for further training in the future.
Mark, Pam and Charlie
Dunsborough WA
June 28, 2020
Recently did the Bush & Sand 4wd course with Glynn. Fantastic day! Glynn’s enthusiasm and passion made this extremely enlightening and valuable training day fun and enjoyable. We booked this course at the beginning of a 3 week holiday to the Pilbara. The skills and knowledge attained from the course gave us the ability and confidence to safely venture on numerous 4wd only tracks. We were able to see and explore many places we would have previously been reluctant to travel. We could not rate the course more highly. Thank you Glynn!
Penny & Vanessa
Bunbury - WA
June 17, 2020
We recently completed the Bush & Sand course and highly recommend it to anyone looking to get the best out of their 4WD.
As first time 4WD owners, we left the course with complete confidence in our vehicle and understanding how it performs in both bush and sand terrain.
Glynn was amazing and passed on his extensive knowledge with passion and enthusiasm.
Looking forward to hitting the tracks and practicing what we learnt.
Perth - WA
June 17, 2020
Having just bought a 4x4 for the first time I was keen to get out and explore WA. However I was very aware that I was the A-typical "all the gear and no idea" candidate who you'd find bogged and in trouble on any given beach/track across Australia. After a recommendation from a friend I booked up and very glad I did. Glynn talked us through every part of the process as to how to stay safe and perform well on the sand. The information and tips were invaluable and I left feeling confident with both my vehicles and my own ability to hit the beach. Great course, personally tailored to your vehicle. 10/10.
Perth - WA
June 15, 2020
We had a great time with Western Wilderness and went from total novices to being comfortable with off road driving in a fun and engaging environment. Would absolutely recommend to anyone who wants to get into 4wding or even experienced drivers wanting to develop their technical knowledge.
Hillarys - WA
June 13, 2020
I had a fantastic time on the bush and sand course. Glynn was a great instructor, where his many years of experience shone through not just in his technical knowledge, but also in his ability to facilitate the course and communicate his knowledge simply and effectively.
I began the course with very little experience and have walked away with the confidence in my ability to handle my 4WD appropriately in a variety of conditions. Highly recommended.
June 8, 2020
Thanks Glynn for a terrific day on the Bush and Sand course. As a complete novice we finished the day full of confidence in ourselves and our 4WD. Glynn is able to transfer his extensive knowledge simply and effectively balanced with plenty of humor along the way.
June 2, 2020
I arrived at the meeting point in the morning not really knowing what to expect from the day and not really knowing my 4WD and what it can do. We spent the first half of the day in the woods and bush. The conditions were slippery after recent rain so I thought this was going to be a challenge. We started off on the gravel roads and learn how to safely negotiate these conditions going uphill and downhill, through deep pools of water that had developed, gained an understanding of what to look for when crossing water and when to look for other options. Using the manual function in the gears was a whole new concept for me and greatly improved my management of the car in the conditions. We played around with different setups in the high v’s low range which was very interesting and fun at the same time. Who knew there were more than one way to get up a hill 😊
After lunch we spent the afternoon getting to know our 4WD’s in the deep sand tracks to the north of Wanneroo. We played around with the different tyre pressures, understanding the reasoning for each and using the gears as we had learned in the morning session. Glynn managed to bog his car on purpose and we worked through the steps required to get it out which was interesting to all.

Major things I learnt that I didn’t know –
• Manual gearing gives you much greater control than the automatic drive option
• Optimum tyre pressures for driving on sand for my vehicle
• How to get out if you get bogged deep in sand
• How to use a deflator and compressor
• The recovery points on my new car are not actually recovery points, just tie down points when on the boat

Glynn was great company throughout the day and his life experiences were very interesting to hear about. His sense of humour was refreshing and his attention to detail was second to none.
Duncraig WA
May 23, 2020
I had a great day with Glynn and learnt a lot about my car capabilities. Now, i have enough confidence to drive on beach and bush by myself. Thanks to Glynn's valuable advise and experience.
Perth WA
May 20, 2020
I had a fantastic time on the sand and bush course.
Glynn is an excellent teacher and really knows his stuff I can’t recommend this course enough.
If you want to learn about 4 wheel driving and have fun in the process, Glynn from Western Wilderness 4WD is the man you need.
Thanks again
May 20, 2020
Hi Teresa and Glynn
I’d Like to thank you both for providing me with such a welcoming and informative experience on the Bush and sand course.
I’m especially appreciative for Glynn’s ability to embrace all of my mistakes and lack of knowledge and turn them into a positive moment for learning. Glynn’s approach to safety through all aspects of four wheel driving and his knowledge that LESS IS MORE provided a solid new understanding and contrast to my long-held beliefs about 4x4 Driving
I highly recommend anyone interested in four-wheel driving that has any level of experience spend a day with Glynn. I’ll be recommending Western Wilderness to everyone I know.
March 28, 2020
Thanks, Glynn, for an incredible day! We learnt so much!
We booked the Bush and Sand Course and had the most amazing time!
When we started the day we were pretty insecure how to use and treat our 4WD the right way. Already after a few hours my partner and I felt much more confident and we left the course with such a good feeling and trust in our car. We can’t wait to go on our next trip to practice what we learnt.
Glynn has an amazing knowledge and is happy to share it in a very interesting and patient way.
Thanks again!😀 Highly recommended!!!
Perth WA
February 21, 2020
Completed the bush and sand course yesterday and found the whole experience extremely enjoyable and well worth the money.
Found out more about my cars capabilities in the 10 hour course that I had in my previous three years of ownership.
Now feel confident to take the car to places we have missed out on before, let the adventure begin , all thanks to Glynn and his superb training
Tapping Western Australia 6065
February 20, 2020
Hands-down the best, most informative & enjoyable course I have ever undertaken.
Can not recommend highly enough – What a legend!
February 19, 2020
Glynn is a brilliant trainer who shares his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for 4WDing freely.
The Bush and Sand course gave us an understanding of the mechanics of 4WDing and a thorough knowledge of and confidence in our own vehicle.
The course was really enjoyable and the best value we've come across for ages. We will definitely be back in Winter for a 'mud" course.
We cannot recommend Glynn and Western Wilderness highly enough for 4WDing training.
Sheila: 19 February 2020
Perth WA
February 19, 2020
Glynn is a brilliant trainer who shares his vast knowledge and enthusiasm for 4WDing freely.
The Bush and Sand course gave us an understanding of the mechanics of 4 WDing and a thorough knowledge of and confidence in our own vehicle.
The course was really enjoyable and the best value we've come across for ages. We will definitely be back in Winter for a 'mud" course.
We cannot recommend Glynn and Western Wilderness highly enough for 4WDing training.
Sheila & Eric
Currambine, WA, 6028
February 8, 2020
My husband and I had a great day yesterday with Glynn on the bush & sand course.
We learnt so much about our car, it’s capabilities and ours too! Glynn covered everything we need to know to get started on our 4x4 adventures.
He’s patient, knowledgeable and professional.
We were a group of 3 cars and we all got 1:1 training.
Such a fun day and well worth the $$. Glynn’s a champion. Loved it and would highly recommend.
Cooloongup, WA, 6168
February 2, 2020
Had a great day out on the sand & bush course. Learnt new and interesting things.
Glynn is extremely knowledgeable and very experienced. He really helped us understand the capabilities of our car. Highly recommend doing the course.
Will definitely be booking in for Glynn's other courses.
Thanks again
Tapping, WA, 6065
January 19, 2020
Best Personal Care.
Top Day with Glynn! Highly Recommended!
Nadja & Eric
Germany (touring Australia)
November 17, 2019
We had a fantastic time with Glynn.
He's extremely knowledgable and genuinely happy to pass his knowledge on.
Coming in as a novice, after a few hours with Glynn I now feel very confident about driving in sand, knowing how to treat our car and use the equipment.
I do wholeheartedly recommend Glynn's course.
Hamilton Hill, 6163
November 13, 2019
We cannot recommend Glynn at Western Wilderness enough!
Having never done any off road driving by the end of this course I’m ready to go!
Glynn knowledge of all things off road is gold standard , we didn’t want the day to end.
Applecross Perth, WA, 6153
August 29, 2018
Glynn is a master of his craft – which is a memorable learning experience, putting safety first, getting you to know your vehicle and it’s limits, and then building confidence in various terrains. I highly recommend Glynn
February 21, 2018
Sound driving explanation & experience – was the best and most informative I’ve had.
Custom training ground for explaining basic 4wd principals was excellent and really drove in the lesson.
Knowledge, passion & personality of the instructor is second to none. Perfect course for remote work.
Dean – Exploration Team Boss
January 19, 2018
This was a fantastic course, had a great day learning about 4WD and also sharing some stories. Thank you so much.
Tourist Tick
January 19, 2018
Awesome training, excellent guide. Learnt a lot.
Tourist Tick
January 6, 2018
Confidence booster & investment in knowledge for future 4WD expeditions. Fun but very responsible.
Heather & Kim
January 6, 2018
Learnt an amazing amount in a short time. Excellent, enjoyable and an amazing experience. After 3 hours, drove back over terrain that I would have never attempted before. Highly recommended.
Dr Grice
October 28, 2017
Excellent course leader, easy going making the learning process a whole lot more enjoyable.
October 28, 2017
We had a great time with our trainer. We learned new things. A lot of useful info about our 4WD. Will definitely recommend to others.
Piara Waters
September 30, 2017
Learnt things I never even considered before. Brilliant, Excellent, very knowledgeable & humorous. Taught Bear Grylls everything he knows! Have attended may courses – both professional & leisure and this was easily one of the most enjoyable, well delivered and “fun” courses I have ever had the pleasure of being on.
September 3, 2017
Great Course, good to see the capabilities of our vehicle. Looking forward to the sand course.
Andrew & Bronwyn
June 10, 2017
Glynn’s approach and method of teaching, transfer of knowledge was excellent and I felt he customized it so I got what I wanted out of it, taking into account the capability of my vehicle. I have, and will recommend Western Wilderness to many others.
March 31, 2017
Really couldn’t have asked for any better! Glynn’s knowledge, communication, patience and attitude is all A1 top notch. Will happily spread the good word on Western Wilderness.
January 17, 2017
Another fantastic day out learning so much and amazed at what the car can do. Look forward to putting it all into practice. Thank you Glynn, for another great & informative day!
Kat & Sandro
December 23, 2016
Fantastic day, shared lots of common sense "need to know" stuff. Made us feel very welcome & confident in what we were all doing. Highly recommend. Look forward to doing the sand course.
Kat & Sandro
December 18, 2016
I would recommend WW4WD to all amateur 4WD enthusiasts to go & make themselves familiar with the intricacies' & safe way of driving & enjoying the fantastic outback we have in Australia. I absolutely enjoyed the course & wish Glynn all the best and thanks for such a wonderful experience.
Piara Waters
December 9, 2016
Absolutely fantastic. Glynn was so generous with his time & expertise. Amazing value for money. I will highly recommend this course to others.
October 1, 2016
Glynn is the most amazing teacher & has helped us to go away on holidays with the tools & knowledge we need to have a safe & enjoyable trip.
Mosman Park
September 10, 2016
One of the nicest men I have met as a trainer. Will definitely recommend to peers. 5 Stars.
Dr Khan
July 3, 2016
Excellent knowledge & delivery - relevant hands on & informative. Lots of great positive feedback. Amazing upbeat enthusiasm. Absolutely loved it. Would recommend Glynn highly.
Mark & Fiona
March 5, 2016
Great variety, great knowledge - contagious enthusiasm - very passionate.
[Appeared on Australian Survivor]
February 12, 2016
Excellent course, well presented, very thorough and transferred knowledge in a very easy way. Would definitely suggest newcomers to do the course for safety, learning about your vehicle, and reading the tracks etc.
February 4, 2016
Absolutely feel more confident. We didn't realise much more there was to learn about our car! Now we know...Thanks Glynn. Looking forward to exploring places we would have previously avoided.
J Hall & A Kat
South Perth
October 24, 2015
Fantastic Course. Exceeded my expectations. I've learnt not only what my car is capable of but my own capabilities. Will continue with this company for other courses.
December 14, 2014
Fantastic. Glynn is very calm & talks you through the situation. Because he is calm, he made us feel very calm. Great day and I now feel confident knowing my car better.